When we talk about “tune ups”, what do we mean? This is a process that takes a thorough look at your engine, and tightens and cleans any part of your system that are in need. Tune ups get your car performing like new and trouble free for even more miles.

A tune-up will help:

  • Restore power
  • Restore performance
  • Restore fuel economy
  • Ensure reliable starts
  • Reduce harmful emissions

During your tune-up, if needed, we will replace:

  • Replace Air and fuel filters
  • Replace Spark plugs and spark plug coils/wires
  • Replace PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve;and
  • Clean the Fuel system (fuel injector, intake valve, combustion chamber) and air intake system (throttle body, throttle plate)

Our Valvoline Express Care Center of Falls Church uses the Valvoline Performance System™ 3-Step Fuel and Air Intake Cleaning System to thoroughly clean your entire fuel and air intake system.

*Some engines may require additional parts or services during the tune up.
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